Hudson Facility Services can offer you a program of routine service and expert repair that will handle mechanical problems, and possibly even prevent them. We customize programs to the needs of your business. school or institution and set up a maintenance protocol to ensure each day runs as smoothly as possible.

Building maintenance can be applied on either a breakdown or preventive basis.  Maintenance after the equipment breaks down is hardly justifiable. Preventive Maintenance takes the wear and tear of the building equipment into account and provides for regular and appropriate maintenance to keep each system functioning properly.  The potential benefits are already evident with solutions to downtime and its constant costs; elimination of undue equipment deterioration; avoidance of employee complaints, especially relating to heating and cooling; plus a means to energy efficiency, and a control for excessive, wasted administrative time while dealing with building maintenance.

The highly trained Hudson team will develop computerized preventative maintenance with our proprietary program for your building facilities.  Our program will help prevent and predict the breakdown and premature failure of your equipment, enabling you to avoid the costs associated with these events.  It will also assist us with forecasting and budgeting for planned obsolescence of your equipment.

Once our preventative maintenance program is developed, we will maintain a well-trained on-site staff to administer the program as well as handle any of the minor mechanical problems or repairs that may arise.  We will carefully monitor your heating and cooling systems to make sure they are operating efficiently.  If something does go wrong, our staff is available around the clock to handle all types of emergencies, and if the repair requires the expertise of a large contractor, we will work at getting the best job at the best price

In addition to our trained mechanical maintenance workers, we can also provide engineering and technical support, as well as develop budgets and monitor any special projects.  To assist in your annual budget considerations, our team conducts annual building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing system audits.  By centralizing your mechanical maintenance program, you enjoy peace of mind while avoiding higher billing rates from outside contractors. 


Our on-site services are not all encompassing; they are based on the skill level of our assigned personnel and the time allocation that can be allotted away from their normal duties during an 8-hour workday or 40 hour work week.

Hudson will provide basic preventive maintenance labor, troubleshooting and minor repair to mechanical equipment including air handlers, furnaces, a/c systems, boilers, pumps, water fountains, plumbing fixtures, and lighting fixtures.  The customer provides all materials including filters, pulleys, belts, grease, oils, gaskets, and related material necessary to perform minor preventive equipment maintenance.  Major repairs for large non-fractional horsepower motors, compressors, steam and hot water boilers, energy management systems, controls and pneumatics are typically specialized services and are not performed by Hudson, and are supplemented by our certified network of subcontractors who are chosen for value added services, technical expertise, and negotiated pricing.

Our minor maintenance repair will include light bulbs, light ballasts, light switches, electrical receptacles, flush meters, faucet washers, exit signs, small horsepower pumps, air handlers, plumbing systems, boilers, a/c units, roof systems (i.e. temporary leak repair), minor gutter and drain repair.  We also perform minor painting, carpentry, plaster and drywall repair, the replacement of floor tiles or carpet tile, minor lock-set repair or replacement, window glass repair, and general repairs to building related items, components and systems as our supervisor and maintenance employees skill level and time to do so allows.

Hudson also provides an on site contact for outside contractors and vendors for bidding related needs.  We report observed repair or replacement needs to the customer for approval to proceed with the work. We set up our own monthly preventive maintenance scheduling for components of the buildings mechanical systems, and perform the work necessary to maintain the equipment.  Due to technological and computerized advancement of newer building automation controls, we may be limited to our scope of maintenance based on the customer’s availability of the equipment's designated software and a computer/laptop to access the equipment.  Any factory training cost for building automation training is covered by the customer as would be the case as if it were their own employees.


We perform minor exterior building repair and maintenance duties.  Parking lots, streets and sidewalks are maintained with efficiency and economy.  Remember your building and grounds may often be the customer’s first impression, and especially noticeable with seasonal weather damage.


We help oversee the day-to-day operations of your primary energy system; from the main service entrance, through the sub panels, to the heavy equipment, or just the simple light bulb.  Hudson uses preventive maintenance, periodic replacement, and repair to keep control of the kilowatts and our staff can upgrade your lighting to LED, change out your ballasts or fixtures and repair or replace small motors as needed.

We re-hang doors, repair door closures, and panic bars, change lock sets, and other hardware: replace or glaze windows.  Experience makes us extremely knowledgeable about building security hardware.


Hudson can also solve your building mechanical maintenance problems.  Our well-trained staff is fully familiar with good Preventive Maintenance requirements and our experts are available for operation of building equipment, air conditioning, boilers and heating, circulating pumps, motors, fans, etc.

Leaking pipes to new pipes; old fixtures to modern ones. Repair, adjust, install, and maintain with a preventive maintenance program including toilets, urinals, sinks, wash basins, and water coolers.  We can also repair your restroom partitions and electric hand dryers.


Hudson can provide preventative maintenance and minor repair of your refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, garbage disposals, ice machines, walk-ins, stoves, ovens and fryers.  It is important that your kitchen stay up and running to pass inspection.  Our programs will help keep your kitchen running and help your food service keep their A level grade.



Hudson can provide infrared thermography services to make sure your steam traps,  electrical panels and motors are all running and operating at peak efficiency.


Hudson is licensed in the St. Louis area, and can design, install and maintain your electrical systems as needed, and we can also subcontract out to larger contractors for larger panel, transformer or circuit work.  We can also install low voltage communication wire, Cat 5/6 LAN, or cable (CATV).

We can be relied on to give you excellent service when it comes to painting, carpentry, and building repair, too.  We handle everything from small office renovations, to complete construction services and management.


After a complete audit of mechanical systems, Hudson can provide routine, on-going preventive maintenance to your customized profile, with computerized scheduling and reporting after a complete audit of mechanical systems.  This kind of program tailors maintenance to each facility.  So, end your maintenance worries by letting an expert handle preventive maintenance in your building.  Good maintenance saves money.