Hudson provides daily custodial services including cleaning of offices, classrooms, cafeterias, hallways, restrooms, gymnasiums, auditoriums and other areas of your facility all based on available man-hours per square foot of the building or facilities .  Some accounts may have some areas cleaned every other day or only once or twice per week depending on their use and the scheduling of their facilities.

We develop a daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedule for our custodians’ assigned areas. We perform scrubbing, stripping and floor finish operations to hard floor surfaces as required (typically in the Summer and small areas like a cafeteria over Winter breaks) and perform carpet cleaning operations including vacuuming, bonnet scrubbing and water extraction as required.

Hudson will set up contractor pricing levels for our accounts with our preferred vendors for quantity savings in regards to chemical, paper product and maintenance supply purchases.  We also coordinate the use of products per the vendor’s recommendations appropriate for the area being cleaned.  Our customers purchase the products to save our mark-up and use their tax-exempt status where possible.  We can also obtain distributor-pricing levels from for customer purchased janitorial equipment and cleaning machines.

Service schedules are dynamic in nature and are to be used as a guideline for servicing and cleaning the facility.  Facility usage, setups, wet weather, construction, remodeling, equipment breakdowns and classroom / gymnasium / auditorium schedules all play havoc in maintaining a facility in a daily routine-like manner. Some days may require more attention to some areas due to weather conditions, the required repair, or the usage for the day or for the upcoming day – as in setups for ceremonies, events, drama productions, graduations, etc..  Our service schedule guidelines are meant to steer the maintenance and custodial crew towards a common goal of maintaining the facility in an orderly fashion. 

Maintenance and custodial work are a redundant 24-hour cycles of use, abuse and cleaning – to be repeated over and over.  Therefore, depending on staffing levels and the square foot of coverage per man hour allowed, cleaning will only be as good as the time allowed to perform the tasks required.  All project work is based on available man-hours to perform the projects at hand.  Adequate time must be allotted by the customer, in order for Hudson to perform maintenance and repairs, which are in addition to the normal daily schedules and routines to clean and maintain the facility that are required of our personnel



Your Grounds, Parking Lots, Flower Beds, Trees and Seasonal Plantings leading to your front door is the first impression visitors, employees, families, students, parents and vendors will have of your Facility.  It is important that they are professionally maintained and groomed to have a positive first impression, for you only have that opportunity once.  Either through our own personnel cutting, weeding and trimming your property with your existing equipment or utilizing one of our Professional Landscape partners (who have full service capabilities including the services of Arborists and Horticulturalists with trained staffs to handle Landscape Design and Architecture) our goal is to let your exterior grounds be the beautiful pathway to your facility and the external framework to the services you internally offer your patrons.  We take great pride in coming up with a program for your Facility's campus and have many resources to accomplish this.

Hudson can take care of your snow removal on your sidewalks and parking lots, or again outsource that to one of our Partners who have the necessary manpower and equipment to make sure your lots and sidewalks are salted and cleared of snow or ice, in a timely fashion, to allow your facility to open on time or remain open during inclement weather.

Hudson can also maintain your Athletic Fields with the frequencies required during the Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Field Hockey or Track seasons.  Either with our staff, your equipment, or outsourcing the whole service to one of our trusted Partners, Hudson can provide the solutions your Athletic Fields will require to look and play their best